Trenchless Sewer Repair in Minneapolis, MN

Often, problems with your sewer or drain come with little warning. Sewer line repairs can put a dent in your budget and usually cost more than other plumbing repairs. However, trenchless sewer repair allows plumbing technicians to fix the problem without large scale excavation. Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains of Minneapolis, MN, provides cured-in-place pipe … Read More >


How to Choose the Best Plumber in Minneapolis, MN

If you’re like most people, you rely on the plumbing in your Minneapolis, MN, home on a daily basis. That being said, you can’t afford to put the health of your plumbing system in the hands of a shady plumbing service. For many people, rooting through all the different plumbing services in the area to … Read More >


Choosing the Right Drain Cleaning Service Provider in the Minneapolis, MN Area

Photo By Minneapolis, MN is a culturally diverse, naturally beautiful with a progressive community that genuinely cares for one another. The mighty Mississippi River separates St. Paul and Minneapolis. Hennepin County is home to 3 creeks, 12 serene lakes, 3 enormous ponds, countless waterfalls, and other natural wetlands. The Twin Cities region is a perfect … Read More >


How to Choose the Right Emergency Plumber for Your St. Paul, MN Home

No one likes to deal with an emergency plumbing situation, but unfortunately, they can, and do, happen. And, when they occur, you want to ensure you go with a reputable plumbing company. An emergency plumbing situation is just that … an emergency. When you’re dealing with an emergency, you need the best. You need someone … Read More >

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